Intelligence Research Bureau provides undercover investigations into all aspects of suspected criminal, civil and financial activities, e.g., theft, fraud, financial probes and alienated and hidden assets. Utilisation of the latest electronic surveillance apparatus is supported by a first class team of highly qualified investigators who organise the successfull elimination of the problem, and / or recoveries. They also provide assistance for Industrial Relations information gathering and pre-emptive strike management. Matromonial cases are also undertaken.

  • Undercover agents
  • Assets search
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Debugging
  • Company profiles
  • Personal profiles
  • Intelligence reports
  • Counter industrial espionage
  • Fraud / theft surveys
  • Absconders
  • Bank Account Searches
  • Hidden Trust Funds
  • Staff Vetting
  • Missing Persons
  • Specialized Debt Collections

Head Office:
4 Bridget Road

Tel: (011) 624 0212

Fax: (011) 624 0213

Email: Status Security Group

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town